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Leading Solutions

With over 25 years’ experience in drilling services and software sales and R&D, SRV Veritas Ltd was formed in the UK in 2018 to bring software and consulting solutions to the drilling industry. The S-Drill product was started in April 2020 and first commercial release was in 2022. 

Meet the team

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After graduating with a degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Leeds started in the oil industry as a trainee mud-logger with Baker Hughes Inteq in 1996. After nearly 10 years in rig various rig site positions joined Paradigm Geophysical as a Technical Sales and Support Engineer for the Well Planning & Drilling Engineering product line. After 10 years as Product Manager started as an independent consultant and spent 2 years working on DrillScan’s WellScan drilling engineering software suite before developing S-Drill 2020.


Why Choose Us

Our previous experience in designing and delivering software tools to the international oil & gas industry has enabled us to improve on previous drilling engineering products in terms of graphics, performance, functionality and ease of use and produce a sophisticated product at a fraction of the price. 

We understand the challenges of providing drilling services at rig-site and how reliable and easy to use software that produces clear and accurate results is critical to your success. 


30 Days Free

Interested? Obtain a free 30 day evaluation of S-Drill. Contact us at and request your trial license. Full support is given during the evaluation period.

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