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S-Drill is a Windows desktop application that produces a simulation of drilling and completion activities using a fully integrated Torque and Drag and Hydraulics model, coupled with comprehensive models of the Wellbore

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Drilling Software

S-Drill Drilling Software BHA diagram

Drilling assembly schematic

S-Drill is aimed at Drilling Engineers, Drilling Optimisation Engineers, Drilling Supervisors, Mud Engineers, Directional Drillers, Well Planners, those running downhole tools and anyone who is interested in the technical aspects of drilling and completion activities.

A wide range of scenarios and downhole tools are supported including the following:

  • Slant Rig / HDD

  • Sub-Sea / Riserless

  • Managed Pressure

  • Floated/Partially filled strings

  • Friction Reduction Tools

  • Swivel Tool, Agitators

  • Centraliser Stand-off / Placement

  • Diverters / Split Flow

  • Cuttings Removal Tools

  • Cementing / Fluid Displacement

  • Circulating Temperature & HPHT fluid properties

Results are presented in fully customisable plots, tables and 3D view in any combination of units.

Import and export of data to Excel and MS Office is available. Rapidly generate output to PDF is in pre-defined reports.

User interface and reports are fully translated into Spanish and Russian. Other languages available on request.


Torque & Drag

S-Drill's Torque and Drag model allows users to analyse tension, torque, stress and buckling of drilling, casing and completion assemblies including the influence of hydraulics forces. 


S-Drill's integrated Hydraulics model calculates pressure losses, velocities, equivalent circulating density and hole cleaning parameters. Calculate circulating temperatures and downhole fluid properties for HPHT wells. Analyse Swab & Surge pressures.

Drilling Hydraulics PDF Report

Drilling Hydraulics PDF Report 

Cementing results showing surface and downhole pressures with time.

Cementing Simulation showing bottom hole and surface pressures with time


Run the simulation in Multi-Fluid Dynamic mode to analyse fluid displacement activities such as cementing, wash trains and sweeps.

Centralizer Placement

Centralizer Placement

Calculate the optimum centraliser spacing required to achieve a desired stand-off.

Centralizer Placement

Centraliser placement results showing required spacing to achieve stand-off.

Well Programme

Well Programme

Keep track of well control equipment status, rig activities, costs and drilling progress and produce well design and drilling montages.

Well Design Montage

Well design montage.

Sensitivity Analysis

The sensitivity analysis module provides a number of tools to support drilling optimisation. It runs a full simulation with varying parameters to produce a range of results. Incorporate drilling data to calibrate and compare with modelled values to help identify drilling issues such as poor hole cleaning and differential sticking.

Friction Factor Sensitivity plot showing pick-up and slack-off hookloads against actual data

Torque and Drag Friction Factor Sensitivity plot showing pick-up and slack-off hookloads against actual data
For more information, download the brochure
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