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New Release S-Drill 1.1

We are pleased to announce the release of S-Drill 1.1

S-Drill 1.1 contains many new features and enhancements that allow users to analyse a wider range of drilling and completion scenarios and more easily produce plots and reports for distribution in the field or office.

New Features

  • Multi-Fluid Dynamic (Cementing) Simulation

  • Drilling/Circulating Temperature model

  • HPHT Fluid properties

  • Centraliser Placement Tool

  • Fluid Volume Calculator

  • Friction Factor Calibration

  • PDF Reports


  • Support for high resolution Pore/Fracture data

  • 3D Model export

  • Editable grid lines and scale in Report Editor

  • Excel export for simulation results

  • Improved rheology parameters from Fann Data


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